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Janet Arlotta is a prolific writer who weaves beautiful prose across multiple genres.  Her insightful narrative both grips the reader and elevates the story.  She brings depth to both character and plot.  I always enjoy a read of her latest work.

Beyond her talent, I admire Janet’s dedication to the work.  She is not shy about rolling up her sleeves and doing the research.  Her passion for her projects is often tireless.  Her attention to notes and details is always on point.  Her vast professional experience brings her a full understanding to the process that ensures her and any project much success.”

-Kevin Nicklaus, Hollywood Development Executive

“Janet is a tireless and enthusiastic creator, and writer of fiction. She has excellent communication and leadership skills that turn agreed-upon ideas into actions. Her capacity to visualize abstract ideas is a great asset .”

-Christopher Forsyth , Author and Editor

She is a visionary with a creative soul and an innovative mind, that never fails to get things done.

– Robert E., Business Executive