Un-Finished (Recap thru 5)

For those that need a refresher from the beginning before reading 6.1 onward…

Chapter 1:


Dax, an attractive chestnut-haired man in his late thirties drives along a nighttime coastal road, while diffusing a conversation with his wife.  A storm quickly sets in causing them to crash, which proves fatal for his wife and causes him a serious head injury that knocks him unconscious.

Moments earlier…  Sarah, also in her late thirties, drives on the same road coming from the opposite direction.  She arrives at the scene of the accident just after the storm hits.  She rushes to help.  She manages to break into the mangled car to find Dax against the wheel and stumbles backward when she recognizes him.  He momentarily opens his eyes and looks at her before he falls unconscious again.

Ambulances arrive and rush Dax with Sarah in tow to the hospital. 

Chapter 2:


While on the ride, Sarah remembers when Dax and her first met.

Seventeen years earlier, Dax and Sarah perform in separate acts at a College talent contest.  They each caught the other’s eye, but didn’t actually speak until they found themselves at the same party later that night.  It was easy for her to fall for his easy charm and genuine good looks back then, especially when he attempted to impress her with his archery skills.

But NOW she waits for some reassuring news in the ER… any reassuring news.

Chapter 3:


After the archery field that night in college, Dax didn’t waste anytime asking Sarah on a date and stealing that first kiss… that first “toe curling” kiss.  Their romance grew over the months left in their senior year… her cheering him on at his archery matches, him poking his head into her photography dark room, and adventure after small adventure.  They talked about their plans to travel after graduation. 

The attraction and sexual tension between them built until they finally found themselves wrapped in each other in the middle of a tulip field in a rainstorm, after one of their small adventures went awry.

Chapter 4:


Right after graduation, Dax and Sarah tool off on their first big adventure; a cross-country road trip.  The only rule was to use ONLY back-roads.

TODAY, Sarah finds herself in the ER waiting room after a long night of no word.  Dax’s parents arrive, surprised to see Sarah there.  They haven’t seen each other in fifteen years.  Sarah explains the twist of fate that led her to find Dax and his now deceased wife.  Seeing her, brings some comfort to them and they all decide to wait together… although the circumstances are a bit overwhelming for Sarah.  She decides to take a walk to the cafeteria and remembers her road trip with Dax while there.

On the road years earlier, Dax and Sarah made their minivan home base and traveled where the whim took them each day.  They found themselves amidst wild butterfly swarms on country roads and humid sandy beaches in the dead of night.  They listened to street musicians in New Orleans and agreed to spontaneous tattoos that turned into matching marks for each of them.

Chapter 5:


Sarah across from Dax’s parents in the waiting room, runs her finger over her butterfly tattoo on her ankle.  The doctor finally approaches to inform them that Dax is still in the ICU but his vitals are stable.  Only time will tell if or when he will ever regain consciousness.  Sarah can barely breathe with the thought that her memories of Dax will remain trapped in her mind and this is where their story might end.

Still distraught over the news, the next hit approaches.  Dax’s wife’s parents arrive.  They are obviously distressed over the death of their daughter and the mood in the room is somber to say the least.  Dax’s father explains Sarah’s presence, omitting some critical details of the past, of course.

Sarah remembers the road trip with Dax that took them all the way to the west coast, that found them professing their undying love for one another, and Dax eventually proposing to Sarah with his grandmother’s ring that he carried all that way.

In present day, Sarah finds herself in the hospital chapel calling on any help she can get from whatever source will give it.  It’s fine if she and Dax will have no future, but she needs to know he will go on living.  Dax’s dad overhears her wish when he enters and comforts her.  They return to the waiting room to the news of Dax being moved from ICU and that he can receive visitors.

One by one they go up to see him.  Sarah is the last to go.  She’s nervous about being alone with him, even though he’s unconscious.  The room is full of life monitoring machines and IV racks… but most of all, it’s full of DAX.  With tears on her cheeks she leans in to whisper in his ear.  At that moment, he grabs her wrist, with his butterfly tattoo on his, and says her name.  But the action is gone just as fast as it appeared.  The doctors explain that he was dreaming and not conscious.

Back in the waiting room, Sarah sits alone with Dax’s wife’s parents.  An orderly brings a box to them with their daughter’s personal things.  In an envelope is her engagement ring and wedding band.  Before they depart to grieve, they give the engagement ring to Sarah to give the ring back to Dax’s parents.  The ring, the same ring that once lived on her ring finger now burns a hole in her palm.

Dax’s parents return and soon after hear the news that Dax has awoken.  All are relieved.  Dax’s mom encourages Sarah to come with them to see him.  But Sarah wonders if she even deserves to see him again.

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