Love’s Whisper

By Janet Arlotta

The whisper of a memory or is it a promise of hope… that beckons me
It feels like just yesterday when my heart danced and my mind soared. 
Was it the anticipation of the vast unknown that lay before me or the
warmth that walked at my side?... Because I can feel both with equal
Now years later, trapped in the mundane of life, I reflect on what was
and wonder if there still is a will be.  Has my time passed?
George Bernard Shaw said, “Youth is wasted on the young.”  Perhaps the
best way to sum it up is… Promise, hope, love is often squandered by
youth.  Without the experience of time, we may disregard what is right
in front of us.  We might walk past what was meant to be, for the illusion
of what may yet to come.  Did I?
Rounding the hill toward autumn (although I’m not there yet,) I can
reflect on the experiences and individuals who shaped me into who I am
today.  I am eternally grateful for the road less traveled, the leap of faith,
and the unconditional love that have blessed my journey.  And yes, it is
also on this hill that I wonder what if I turned right instead of left, I stood
still instead of walked forward, or opened the door instead of closed it.
Don’t misread my words as tragic or regretful.  These questions are just
questions.  The greatest loves of my life fill me with hope and faith…
Enough hope and faith to carry me through life even when love seems
reduced to a whisper. 
Without hesitation I can tell you that I’m not done.  Love is not done with
me.  The flutter of my heart with a first kiss, the exuberance in my step
with a first love, and the warm wash of a lasting love, were gifts that
remind me that the best is yet to come.  And all of these are a part of me.
I love my life.  I love the experiences that have bruised my knees, broken
my heart and pushed me forward.  I love the people who have opened my
mind and challenged my soul.
Because it is the profound truth that great love, whether for yourself, for
another, or for life itself, is always there.  You just have to remember to
tap into it.

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