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Janet is a screenwriter, author and copywriter.

She has a passion for the written word and the art of storytelling. In life, she strives to enjoy the journey and focus less on the destination.

She is an executive leader in television and film with a history of excellence at every level.   In 2012, her work was included in a Motion Type exhibit in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz Germany.

She has lectured internationally and for the US International Gold Key Service, Promax/BDA, MSU and SCAD for ATVFest and CoMotion.



Our Story

The Critics...

Janet Arlotta is a prolific writer who weaves beautiful pros across multiple genres.  Her insightful narrative both grips the reader and elevates the story.  She brings depth to both character and plot.  I always enjoy a read of her latest work.

Beyond her talent, I admire Janet’s dedication to the work.  She is not shy about rolling up her sleeves and doing the research.  Her passion for her projects is often tireless. Her attention to notes and details is always on point.  Her vast professional experience brings her a full understanding to the process that ensures her and any project much success.

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Janet over the last ten years.  Most recently, we are developing a feature film together.

- Kevin Nicklaus / Sr VP of Development for The Wolper Organization/Warner Brothers

Janet is a tireless and enthusiastic creator, multi-tasking manager and writer of fiction. She has excellent communication and leadership skills that turn agreed-upon ideas into actions. Her capacity to visualize abstract ideas is a great asset in motivating staff to deliver on projects.

-Chris Forsyth / Sr Editor and Author


Reinventing50 - Author                                              Mistress of Rose Hall – Screenwriter, Producer
Un-finished – Author & Screenwriter
Going Due South– Screenwriter
Hidden House - Screenwriter
Blind Man's Bluff - Screenwriter
Remember Me - Screenwriter
Ganja - Screenwriter
Say Something – Screenwriter
The War at Home - Screenwriter
Shallow Grave - Screenwriter
Arthur - Screenwriter
With My Dying Breath - Author
Scent of Burning Cane - Author



Bohana vs. The Jacksons (ABC) - Story Producer
Diapason - Executive Producer
Penn & Teller's Bullshit (Showtime) – MT Producer
Nike Ginga: Soul of Brazil ( – MT Producer
WTA (TC)  – Main Title Producer
The Everything Bracket (CBS) – Virtual Set Producer
Target "Red" (aired nationwide) – Executive Producer
Gatorade(aired nationwide) – Executive Producer
Target "Symbols (aired nationwide) – Writer/EP
Coca Cola (aired nationwide) – Executive Producer
Ziggy Marley "Into the Groove"​ Music Video (MTV) – Executive Producer
Piero Esteriore "Tell Me"​ Music Video (MTV)– Director
Mini's First Time (in theaters) – MT Producer