The Mayshad Music Festival – Morocco, June 2018

The Mayshad Festival is an extension of the Mayshad Brand and Foundation – a global, interconnected ecosystem of social equity. Mayshad works across all of its ventures to serve the rising majorities of the world – women and millennials.

Our goal is to build cultural bridges for a more peaceful and interconnected world

Nezha Alaoui, Founder of Mayshad.

Morocco will host the Mayshad Festival for its first edition in Marrakech, from June 23rd to the 30th, 2018, featuring:

• Lectures by prominent intellectual leaders.

• Cultural immersion with exceptional guides.

• Social action experience with the Mayshad Foundation.

• Performances reflecting diverse regions of Morocco.

• Performances by an exceptional US orchestra

This event brings distinguished guests together for escorted discovery events, cultural discourse, social action experiences and unique musical performances.

Be enveloped by the beauty and essence of Morocco – the light, fragrance, and colors reflecting the rich diversity of Moroccan culture and its Berber, Arabic, Saharan, French, Spanish, and African influences.

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