Janet has been a writer her whole life and has experienced her own personal creative rennaissance recently.  She currently has several film, TV, and book projects in development.  She is writing for a digital branded series that is currently in production.  She is also an experienced copywriter for ad campaigns and promos, and has worked with top international brands and titles.

Feature Film Trilogy

Mistress of Rose Hall

A shy slight English girl finds herself married to a man more than twice her age in an exotic land full of mystery and violence in the early 1800’s.

Alone, she must make a home with the natives, overcome her matrimonial prison and survive, even if it means summoning the black magic within her.

Original Series

Hidden House

For a group of teens, living on Oak Crest, the unexplained in their neighborhood is the mysterious field at the end of the street and the odd free standing gate with no fence.

On one mystical autumn night, they find out what happens when you walk through it.



Original TV Movie Franchise

Going Due South

A modern day Cinderella story set in the thick sweet landscape of modern New Orleans. When a driven New Yorker finds herself in the sultry south, she must choose between career and love… or recognize that she can have it all.



Television Series & Book


How marijuana can heal a nation then tear it down just as quickly… and while two men faced incarceration, a woman builds an empire on its back.


Digital Series

Blind Man's Bluff

Teens return to their summer retreat at the lake. Curiosity about the age old legend of the bluff, prompts them to go searching for answers.

It takes the desire of a desperate teen, and the true sight of her new blind friend, to uncover an alternate reality that has the power to grant all that they wish… but at what ultimate price.


Feature Film & Book Series


A woman, who had resigned herself to a life of routine smoke screens, faces a fateful accident that puts her on a path of second chances and forgotten dreams.  Now she must choose to embrace the love that she thought lost and the man that she could never forget.



Book & Mini-Series

With My Dying Breath

Donald Bohana sits in prison after 20 years, waiting for the truth to prevail.  Dee Dee Jackson, former wife of Tito Jackson, tragically drowned in his pool on August 26, 1994. The incident originally deemed an accident, would be changed to a homicide indictment three years later under enormous pressure from the Jacksons and suspicious motives from the DA and Coroner’s offices. LOOK for ABC 20/20 this fall.

Digital Series

Arthur CO

An obscure news team in Arthur, CO has a mission to bring notoriety to their small town. They hire an infamous Haitian weatherman to put the global spotlight on an otherwise forgotten location on the map.



Feature Film

Say Something

When your childhood best friend, the one that you've experienced all of your firsts, suddenly becomes the one that tugs your heart strings... what do you do?



Digital Series

Remember Me

If memories could be passed down genetically, what insanity would be released?



Television Series

Shallow Grave

What happens to a small slightly odd town, when horrific tragedy strikes?  How does the community heal decades later?  And does it all come to the surface when a mysterious female therapist takes up residence.