Janet Arlotta

Janet has been a writer her whole life and has experienced her own personal creative rennaissance recently.  She currently has several film, TV, and book projects in development.  Her work spans several genres, but always focuses on character driven stories.

The subject of a book and TV series was featured on ABC 20/20 in September  and October 2017.  She has a feature film trilogy in development with a division of Warner Brothers.  And is currently in production with a Digital Branded Series.

In life, she focuses on the journey more than the destination... And it's life's journeys that inspire her writing at every curve.

Janet Arlotta is currently an Executive Consultant for the intersection of Creative and Technology.  She serves as Executive Producer for a Creative Branding Solutions company, Friends of Mine.  She is an Executive Consultant forming strategic alliances for 3rd Brain, a Technology Solutions Company.  She is also an Executive Consultant for Content Production Company, Tutta Productions.

She has a strong background in Broadcast Promotion, Branding and Marketing with client relationships at ABC, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, the Wolper Organization, Red Bull, GoPro, Marriott, several Major Sport organizing bodies and more.

She was the Owner and CEO of Fuel for 8 years growing revenues from $1million per year to $10 million per year and expanding to a second office in NYC. Add to that, her creative capabilities as a writer and stellar team leadership and Janet brings a wealth of talent and experience to any organization.

Janet has been a guest speaker at Promax/BDA, aTVfest in Atlanta for the past 4 years, CoMotion in Savannah for the past 6 years, MSU Broadcast events in NYC, and signature sessions for Saatchi & Saatchi in Dusseldorf, Germany.

She has lead teams to award winning work honored by Emmy, Promax/BDA, Telly, Davey, AIGA and in 2012 was included in the Motion Type Exhibit in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany.


Janet Arlotta is a prolific writer who weaves beautiful pros across multiple genres. Her insightful narrative both grips the reader and elevates the story. She brings depth to both character and plot. I always enjoy a read of her latest work.

Beyond her talent, I admire Janet’s dedication to the work. She is not shy about rolling up her sleeves and doing the research. Her passion for her projects is often tireless. Her attention to notes and details is always on point. Her vast professional experience brings her a full understanding to the process that ensures her and any project much success.

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Janet over the last ten years. Most recently, we are developing a feature film together.    - Kevin Nicklaus, VP of Development at The Wolper Organization