ABC 20/20 to air topic of Book – September 15th

“With My Dying Breathe: Bohana vs. The Jacksons”

Topic of Book to air on ABC 20/20, September 15th

Los Angeles, CA:

Janet Arlotta, Writer and Executive Producer of Friends of Mine, co-authored the book “With My Dying Breathe” with Christopher Forsyth. The book and a TV project in development delve into the little known truths of a high profile case on the heels of the L.A. riots, Michael Jackson’s first molestation allegation and the O.J. Simpson trial.

“The LA judicial and political landscape at the time was a perfect storm to work against an innocent man, faced with a tragic accident…then add a double dose of “celebrity” with the Jackson clan opposing him,” says author, Janet Arlotta.

Janet Arlotta approached ABC’s 20/20 with the story a year ago. After their thorough investigation, extensive interviews with all parties including the Jacksons, and uncovering of new facts… ABC has announced that they will premiere their Anniversary season with this feature story on Friday, September 15th at 10pm.

On August 26, 1994, Dee Dee Jackson drowned in Donald Bohana’s pool. While his desperate attempts at CPR allowed him to cling to the hope that she would live, the paramedics arrived to pronounce her dead upon arrival to Daniel Freeman Hospital.

The initial investigation that morning was little more than a collection of the facts, as it was correctly written off as a tragic accident.

But the Jackson’s family attorney and PR engine would not let it go. They dragged Don’s name through the mud for three years and pressured then DA, Garcetti, to indict. Don was indicted three years later and stood trial a year after that (4 years after the accident.) He was convicted of Second-degree Murder and sentenced to 15 years to life.

“Donald Bohana’s conviction was an egregious miscarriage of justice and manipulation of the system. This case should never have seen a courtroom, let alone have produced a murder conviction,” says author, Janet Arlotta. “When I heard Don’s story, I knew we had to tell it.”

There is proof that the LA Coroner’s office, in conjunction with the LA District Attorney’s office, changed reports based upon contrived expert witnesses, had existing undisclosed conflicts of interest, were being pressured by a celebrity family to bring a case for murder although the evidence did not support one, deceived the court to ultimately get their conviction and that Don’s own defense counsel provided ineffectual assistance that led to a guilty verdict.

Don’s family has been fighting for his freedom for the past twenty years. He has been denied parole three times, even though he has served his minimum sentence, has been a model prisoner and is currently 80 years old. The reason for the denial…he won’t denounce his innocence.

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