Executive Consultant

Works with the Industry's top brands for strategic growth and positioning.

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Specializing in Long and Short form content.  Screenwriter, Author and Copywriter.

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Public Speaker

Leads the global conversation about where the art of storytelling, technology, branded content and entertainment collide.

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Mistress of Rose Hall

Feature Film Trilogy

A shy slight English girl finds herself married to a man more than twice her age in an exotic land full of mystery and violence in the early 1800’s.

Alone, she must make a home with the natives, overcome her matrimonial prison and survive, even if it means summoning the black magic within her.


Book and Feature Film

A woman, who had resigned herself to a life of routine smoke screens, faces a fateful accident that puts her on a path of second chances and forgotten dreams.  Now she must choose to embrace the love that she thought lost and the man that she could never forget.



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